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AlpTech Motors x Clear World Tail Lights

98-04 MK4 GTI Clear Tail Lights

98-04 MK4 GTI Clear Tail Lights

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These tail lights fit the GTI models from 1998-2004 for the Volkswagen Mk4 platform. These are the first AlpTech Motors productions with OEM factory fitment, quality, and function. 

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Due to our desire to produce an entirely clear tail light, imperfections in the sealing may be present. We value a weatherproof seal that will mitigate the build up of moisture and a faster rate of yellowing plastic. Using the best quality glue, a yellow hue can sometimes be seen in some areas of the seal. This is the trade off for not having to paint over the housing trim. However, these small blemishes do not have a negative effect on the tail light, and serves purpose as the strongest water tight adhesion.

Clear tail lights are the epitome of retro styling among European vehicle enthusiasts. Each set is inspected to ensure its function.

These tail lights require that you reuse your bulb trays and mounting hardware from the OEM tail light design. They are plug-and-play and can be installed by the most novice of at-home mechanics. 

It is recommended to use RED led bulbs for running and brake lights to ensure that the modification remains up to code with your city, state, or province's inspection services.

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