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AlpTech Motors x Clear World Tail Lights

99-05 Mk4 Jetta Clear Tails

99-05 Mk4 Jetta Clear Tails

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These tail lights fit the sedan models from 1999-2005 for the Volkswagen Mk4 platform. These are the first productions with OEM factory fitment, quality, and function. 

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Clear tail lights are the epitome of retro styling among European vehicle enthusiasts. Each set is inspected to ensure its function. Due to the use of petroleum based glue, some minor yellowing may occur. However, this does not damage or affect the overall appearance of the tail light. This is common amongst all exterior plastic pieces as they are exposed to the sun over time.

These tail lights require that you reuse your bulb trays and mounting hardware from the OEM tail light design. They are plug-and-play and can be installed by the most novice of at-home mechanics. 

It is recommended to use RED led bulbs for running and brake lights to ensure that the modification remains up to code with your city, state, or province's inspection services.

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